Godfather Films prides itself on providing audiovisual equipment and service that is so good, nobody notices it. We offer the latest projectors, video screens, monitors, media players and sound systems. We also provide laptop computers, microphones, sound systems, lighting as well as delivery and setup. We also provide an AV technician for small meetings, conventions and concerts. Contact us to learn how we can take care of all your AV needs.

Other Services Available:
Web Site Design & Marketing, Digital Editing, Photo Montages, Video Production, Biographies, Staging, Tape, CD and DVD Duplication, Standards Conversion PAL to NTSC,Prints and CD from Video, Film to DVD Transfers, Video Streaming Conversion

Why Choose Godfather Films?

Winner of numerous filmmaking awards, Godfather Films knows the audiovisual industry inside and out. Our professional storytellers will help you select just the right AV equipment, deliver it to you, set it up and provide audio technicians.

Godfather Films was founded by author, video communication professor, and award-winning filmmaker John Goolsby. He has traveled throughout North America, lecturing on the art and science of filmmaking. With an expert in charge, you can be certain that the equipment we help you choose will be of top quality and perfectly matched to your event.

Do you have questions about our AV Rental services? Contact us today.