Aliso Viejo Named Best Place To Live In Southern California

When we produced the marketing film for the economic development agency for the City of Aliso Viejo two years ago, they were already named One of the Top 25 Towns to Live Well in the Country by Forbes Magazine. Now they were just honored by Area Vibes as number one on the list of The 12 Best Places To Live In Southern California. They are also in the top 4 of the list of The 50 Safest Cities in California.

Congratulations to the City of Aliso Viejo as they celebrate their 15th Anniversary on July 1, 2016. Godfather Films is very proud to have you as a client.

Located halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles – and just a few miles from Orange County’s pristine coastline, Aliso Viejo is an affluent community comprising more than seven square miles of rolling hillside, valley terrain and picturesque views.

Aliso Viejo has the allure and charm of a small Southern California community with a robust economic climate.

The city is home to fast-growing entrepreneurs, businesses and modern industry including technology, medical devices, health care, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

World-renowned corporations are here and small start-ups continue to transition into global players. (show Tech Space as small start-up; then Qlogic, etc. Fluor)

Aliso Viejo has more than 33 acres of developable land as well as state-of-the art retail and professional office space at competitive prices. An exciting Town Center Vision Plan will add more highly desirable shopping, dining establishments and amenities.

This is a city with a highly skilled workforce and deep thinkers who possess a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge.

Aliso Viejo is a magnet for a dynamic and educated workforce and the home to award-winning schools including the private liberal arts college, Soka University. Another twenty-five colleges and universities are within 30 miles. (Show UC Irvine, Chapman University, Cal State Fullerton)

49,000 people live, work and play in Aliso Viejo and are connected to the region with multiple highways and rail; to the country with the only commercial service airport in Orange County just 15 miles away and to the world with an international airport less than 60 miles away.

Major transportation corridors make it easy for people to commute to Aliso Viejo from throughout Southern California providing quick access to business and entertainment centers and world-class beaches.

Along with being strategically located, Aliso Viejo enjoys a desirable climate where the average temperature is “sunny.”

This is a family friendly city that has mastered the art for enjoying life to the fullest. A true live-work community, Aliso Viejo boasts a diverse mix of housing styles; new streets and office buildings; great shopping, dining and entertainment and hotel amenities. It’s what led Forbes to name Aliso Viejo as one of America’s Top 25 Towns to Live Well.

Aliso Viejo is a balanced community with virtually all residents living within two and a half miles of the City’s downtown core.

With 23 community parks, 2,600 acres of open space and 30 miles of hiking and biking trails, Aliso Viejo is a fit and connected community.

Family and community are synonymous when you talk to people around town. Strong social, sports and recreational after-school and weekend programs permeate the city.

Whether it’s a round of golf at the Jack Nicklaus -designed golf course, a concert, movie in the park or a dip at the pool award-winning Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center, there’s something for everyone.

Pristine conference space is available for business meetings and weddings alike.

Discover why this city is unrivaled in its growth and vitality.

Find out how Aliso Viejo gives businesses a competitive edge in the world marketplace.

Whether you are building a business or raising a family, In Aliso Viejo, you can experience it all.

La Sierra University Graduates Largest Class in School’s History 2016

Godfather Films has been producing promotional films for this great university for several years. We were honored to have been chosen to film the largest graduating class in the school’s history and produce this promotional film.

428 students graduated from La Sierra University, the largest graduating class in the history of the 94-year-old institution. All together, 447 degrees were awarded during the Conferring of Degrees ceremony, capping a weekend of activities that began with a Friday night consecration service.

In opening the degree ceremony, university President Randal Wisbey commended faculty members for bringing their best teaching to the classroom and for “devoting countless hours to serving the good of this community and the larger community that surrounds us.”

He recognized the university’s national championship-winning Enactus team and the Class of 2016 “for giving your best as musicians, as athletes, as artists, as tutors, as the face of La Sierra in our community. You have served with great care, with great compassion.”

“Step into your future with hope,” he told the graduates. “Be agents of justice, leaders of integrity and honesty, men and women who truly make a difference as you embody the values and mission of your alma mater.”

Living with honesty, integrity and compassion for others, so-called ‘eulogy values,’ was among the charges commencement speaker Edwin Hernandez gave to the new alumni in an address titled “Pursuing a Flourishing Life.”

Hernandez is provost of the Adventist University of Health Sciences in Orlando, Fla. His background includes serving as senior program officer for the De Vos Family Foundations in Michigan, and co-founding and directing the Center for the Study of Latino Religions at the University of Notre Dame’s Institute of Latino Studies. He also served as a program officer for the Pew Charitable Trusts in Pennsylvania and has written five books and numerous papers.

Citing the book “The Road to Character” by author David Brooks, Hernandez challenged graduates to live with eulogy values rather than resume values consisting of skills and strategies important to the marketplace.

“Our culture talks a lot about success,” said Hernandez, “but sometimes it fails to distinguish and clarify what are the enduring values that lead to a vibrant and flourishing life. The question of success is more than just following your passion or your dream, it is fundamentally about who you are as a person.”

“But that is the purpose of La Sierra University, to build inner characters, to create in you and me this idea that through academic investigation, Christian faith and service come together and unite. This mission of this institution is all about eulogy values.”

“This institution transformed me because it gave me reason to believe in God and to be faithful to the church that I love,” he continued. “It gave me a reason and a passion to stay connected to the church. This learning community helped me grow to understand the gospel of grace and its call to service, to act justly, to love mercy and to love humbly.”

“You’re being called to be leaders at a particular moment when our churches, our society our businesses, our government institutions need leaders who have a conscience for the common good,” Hernandez said to the graduates. “We live at a particular moment in American history where people of color and the stranger and the immigrant amongst us are being demonized and labeled as criminals, and it is not just happening here, it is happening across the world.”
La Sierra University