Christina + Avedis Wedding Video at St. Mina Coptic Church & Mission Inn

The beautiful Christina and handsome Avedis enjoyed a fabulous wedding celebration with a Orthodox Coptic Wedding in the hills of Grand Terrace at St. Mina followed with an energy filled reception at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside.

Our church opened its doors in 1986 with hopes to serve Copts who have moved East from Los Angeles, California. The late hegumen Father Daniel Farag was ordained in 1990, and through his care and direction, the congregation of the church purchased an allotment of land around the hills of Grand Terrace and build a church. They built our beautiful church in the modern Coptic shape of Noah’s Ark. All iconography in the church is handwritten by the late Dr. Issac Fanous. Our current Parish consists of Father Macarius Shehata, Father Bishoy Ray, and Archie Mina Tadrous.

With its breathtaking architecture and European charm, The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa becomes a grand stage for weddings and celebrations. The Inn is the perfect destination to serve all of your needs, from wedding showers, intimate gatherings to rehearsal, ceremony, majestic reception and elegant accommodations.

Wedding Video

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