UAS Training Center SBD International Airport

UAS Training Center SBD Airport Marketing Video by Godfather Films
Welcome to the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center at San Bernardino International Airport.

Today’s rapid adoption of unmanned aircraft systems technology creates unprecedented opportunities for our region and the world.

The UAS Center at SBD takes the lead in supporting the innovation, commercialization and integration of UAS technology.

We provide a secure site for companies to test and improve proprietary UAS technology, as well as a venue where they can exhibit and demonstrate their technology.

The Center saves clients time and money by providing them an objective, standardized and thorough third-party assessment of a specific UAS product. The product will be vetted and tested by seasoned professionals and the process will be customized to meet the client’s specific priorities and objectives.

On site secure drone storage is available

Drone Training customized to meet the individual needs of each public safety agency client. For example, the firefighting-related drone training will focus on scene monitoring, search and rescue, post-fire or disaster assessment and wildland firefighting.

The center also provides maintenance, repair and systems integration training and certifications

Youth and young professionals have opportunities to participate in exciting interactive programs onsite to prepare for UAS careers.

Public safety officials such as law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics and forest rangers receive UAS training at the Center to make our communities safer

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